Premium organic Matcha A for tea ceremonies

Premium Matcha – Great Taste Award Winner 2015

Healthy tea with a velvety texture, excellent for daily use.

Premium organic used for tea ceremonies

Matcha is the “glue” of Japanese drinking culture for more than 1000 years.
The matcha used for tea ceremonies is of the highest quality, made from the first matcha harvest and from the young leaves, after the stems and veins have been removed.

Why Matcha?

The high content of theanine L regulates the absorption of caffeine. In fact, since ancient times Japanese monks have used matcha to increase focus during meditation.
Matcha tea improves metabolism. A healthy metabolism is reflected in better digestion and much more energy.
And above all, matcha tea is delicious, smooth and invigorating


130.00 ל 100 גרם
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