Koshihikari rice from Toyama 1 kg


Premium white Koshikari rice

Used all over Japan thanks to its excellent balance between sweetness, saltiness and stickiness, brilliant in taste and appearance.

The rice is known as a durable and salty rice with an elegant aroma and solid texture.

When freshly cooked, it has a great fragrant, airy texture and it’s so delicious that it’s enough to eat it straight from the rice cooker.

Raised in Newzen, an area of ​​Toyama Prefecture famous for its fresh, flowing spring water.
Japonica rice has a unique taste that is slightly sweeter than other Japanese rice, as well as the slightly sticky texture typical for Koshihikari rice.
Ideal for making sushi or serving alongside other Japanese dishes.


5.50 ל 100 גרם
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