Fuji Sushi Vinegar


Try mixing in some Fuji Sushi Vinegar with freshly cooked rice! You can easily make sushi rice that many say is even better than that of sushi restaurants.

We use raw sugar and honey to sweeten the rice. This gives the rice a rich and delicious flavor. “Pure rice vinegar Fujisu” retains its sourness until the next day. In addition, the added honey makes the rice moist and soft.
It will definitely make it easier to bring dishes like chirashi-zushi and maki-zushi to your dinner table.
Fuji Sushi Vinegar can also be used as a blended vinegar for sweet pickles.

You can make any kind of sushi, a tuna sashimi rice bowl is especially delicious.
You can also use it to marinate vegetables overnight, creating pickles. We recommend traditional root vegetables such as radish, turnip, and myoga.
With Fuji Sushi Vinegar, you can also easily make pickled Japanese shallot.