Grade: Junmai daiginjo, free run drops
Type: Made by the traditional Kimoto method
Name sake: Shoka means “Ode,” in ancient Greece a song of praise or hymn to celebrate the triumph of heroes.

It was given this name because it has
the refinement and nobility befitting such an exalted appellation.
Toji: Takanobu Sato, Contemporary Master Craftsman
Brand of rice: Yamada Nishiki sake rice
Rice-polishing ratio: 50% (Daishichi’s superflat polishing ratio)
Alcohol percentage: 16%
Bottle size: 0.72L
Description: Shoka is a noble, rich-tasting Kimoto junmai daiginjo obtained by way of natural drip (leading to a purer taste).

This sake, solely brewed with top-quality Yamada Nishiki sake-rice, is the ultimate synthesis of muscularity and gracefulness,

thanks to the combination of Daishichi’s traditional Kimoto brewing method with the in-house developed
super-flat rice polishing technique, which thoroughly removes all elements that can lead to off-flavors.
Shoka has been chosen as the best sake to pair with the French cuisine at a Japan-wide contest in 2013.
What makes this sake different:
1. Deeper taste (more umami) because of Kimoto method.
2. Fits to hearty and creamy dishes.
3. Purer taste (no off-flavors) because of Superflat rice polishing technique (developed by Daishichi).
Catch phrase (Logo) “Harmony between power and gracefulness”
Tasting comment: The refined and graceful aroma and seductive umami of Shoka harmonize at a higher level with the extra-sophisticated,

invigoratingly powerful mouth-feel and the enchanting, satisfying aftertaste.
How to consume: For drinking during the meal. Use white wine glass.
Food pairing: Dishes with a soft umami, such as boiled king crab or fish with white meat, dishes with egg, creamy dishes.
Serving: Serve chilled (10-12 C)
Before opening: store in refrigerator. Sunlight and fluorescent light should be avoided.
Properly stored, unopened Daishichi sake can be kept for several years.
After opening: store in refrigerator and consume within days.


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