Grade: Junmai ginjo
Type: Made by the traditional Kimoto method
Name sake: Raden means “mother-of-pearl.” The azureblue bottle has a mother-of-pearl butterfly design.

One could say this sake has “the brightness” of mother-of-pearl shell inlay.
Toji: Takanobu Sato, Contemporary Master Craftsman
Brand of Rice: Gohyakumangoku sake rice
Rice polishing ratio: 58% (Daishichi’s superflat polishing ratio)
Alcohol percentage: 15%
Bottle size: 0.50L
Description: This sake fascinates by its nuanced, rich body and its mild, refined taste.

It has been brewed in 2011 and has since been maturing in the bottle in our refrigerated warehouse.

The beautiful bottle brings a festive note to the dinner table.
What makes this sake different:
1. Deeper taste (more umami) because of Kimoto method.
2. Fits to hearty and creamy dishes.
3. Purer taste because of Superflat rice
polishing technique (developed by Daishichi).
Catch phrase (logo): “Rich flavor and mellow taste”
Tasting comments: Aromas of ripe red apples, with underlying steamed rice notes.
How to consume: For drinking during the meal. Use white wine glass.
Food pairing: A great match with creamy dishes or food with a gentle umami flavor.
Serving temperature: Serve chilled (10-13 C).

Before opening: store in refrigerator. Sunlight and fluorescent light should be avoided.
Properly stored, unopened Daishichi sake can be kept for several years.
After opening: store in refrigerator and consume within days.


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