Daishichi Masakura

This brewery specializes in Kimoto (pole-rammed) method sakes that typically produce a creamier brew and Masakura is no exception.

The nose is filled with cream, pear, pineapple, butterscotch, floral and balsa wood elements.

Behold one of “those” kinds of sakes that epitomizes the much desired “balance” moniker.

Smooth, round, chewy, full-bodied and of course creamy this Ginjo has it going on.

Basically a terrific feeling sake loaded with buttery, marshmallowy, hints of nougat, deep rich grape, and mineral flavors.

A velvet rush of flavor and feeling that ends with a quick departure.

Sweet and savory, rich and plush, umami and naughty this brew is balance personified as it corrals all the components for one brilliant drinking experience that can go three temperatures.

One word to describe this sake brew: Smooth

Food Pairings: Rich and complex dishes, grilled and salty fare, fresh shellfish.
Sake Type: Junmai Ginjo (Kimoto)

Bottle Size: 720ml

Seimaibuai (amount of rice left after milling): 60%

Alcohol Content: 15%

Sake Meter Value (the lower the sweeter, the higher the drier): +3.5

Sweet or dry: Dry

Body: Medium

Acidity: 1.3

Serving temp: Chilled, Slightly Chilled, Room Temperature


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