Bonsai – Genmaicha with Matcha

What type of tea is it?

Bonsai Gemaicha is a Sencha green tea infused with roasted rice and Matcha, the ultimate healthy green tea powder!

How it tastes

Bonsai is a comforting rich and energising tea. The roasted rice gives a wonderful nutty “popcorn” aroma whilst the Sencha and Matcha help to create a bitter sweet characteristic. It’s fantastic with food due to it’s savoury notes.

When to drink

The Matcha being high in antioxidants and a natural energy booster paired with the uplifting nutty aroma makes this an ideal tea to kick start the day and be drank throughout.

Ingredients: Sencha green tea, roasted rice, matcha.

Great Taste Award Winner 2015


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