Ogata Village Akitakomachi

Akita Komachi Company is located on the land of Ogata Village.
Land blessed with minerals, water all around, wind from the sea of ​​Japan and bright summer sun.
Theclimate in the village of Ogata gives Akitakomachi rice a rich flavor and produces flavors of the highest quality.
On top of that, the rice is produced with organic fertilizer rice bran.
Organic cleaned rice fertilizer produced by fermentation of cleaned rice produced during rice milling helps to create fertilized soil with many microorganisms while supplying fertilizer components to crops, and to grow crops with good taste and quality.
It is then processed into pellets (the size of small beans) so that it can be easily planted in rice fields. Cleaned rice organic fertilizer is acknowledged by the national certification body – JAS “Organic and Natural Food Association of Japan” as a fertilizer that can be used for production with the highest quality standard of all.
The collected rice bran is gradually fermented by microbial cells while stirring.